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Josef Mennigmann, Bernd Schwartbeck (v.l.n.r.)

Fahrzeug für Fa. Mennigmann TYP EDT mit zweiflügelieger Hecktür...

...und breiter Bereifung

Die extrem breite Bereifung 435/50 R 19.5 ist eine Spezialität von Fortuna

Für eine niedrige Ladehöhe sind die Federn unter der Achse montiert

Großzügige Bodenfreiheit für den Baustelleneinsatz

Eine Getriebewinde an der Zugdeichsel zum stufenlosen Einstellen der Kupplungshöhe

Tandem-Schwerlastmuldenkipper FTS 210 mit Mulde aus Hardox

Tandem-Schwerlastmuldenkipper FTS 210 mit Mulde aus Hardox


Over 25 years of cooperation with the gardening and landscaping Mennigmann GmbH

Over 25 years of cooperation with the gardening and landscaping Mennigmann GmbH

Customer care is very important to Fortuna. Thus, the 25-year collaboration is reason enough for a visit from one of his most loyal Bernd Schwartbeck customers in the garden and landscaping. In particular, the background was to get to know the date for this customer specific needs of the customer to the Fortuna vehicles in person even better.

The family-owned company Mennigmann was established in 1962 and located since 1969 at the present site in Hamm. In 1989, the "garden and landscape Mennigmann GmbH was established. In recent decades the company has grown steadily and now offers a comprehensive second generation of services, from gardening and landscaping at the nursery through to the garden center.

25 years ago was bought by the father of the present managing director Josef Mennigmann the first two-axle tipper of Fortuna. After he had convinced in daily use with its functionality and stability, followed by other vehicle orders in Fortuna.

Thus the fleet of company Mennigmann five flat bed, raised two other two-axle tipper and a tandem tipper of Fortuna.

In particular, the tandem tipper is very popular among the staff and has quickly earned a reputation as a penny!. His versatility and flexible usability in almost all work situations make this vehicle as an indispensable tool landscaping in carrying out both routine and non-everyday tasks as well.

During a tour of the premises described Josef Mennigmann further reasons for his loyalty to Fortuna: "As you see the two-axle tipper, the already anschaffte my father is still in daily use. We value longevity and stability. We also have individual requirements for our vehicles. This starts with special ramps and sliding stop with bodies in special sizes.

All our requests were in dialogue with Fortuna considered for contract award and run. How to help we received custom-made vehicles, which help us in many operational duties involved in very strong, and thus save time and money. "

Fortuna's strength was special vehicles to be manufactured to customer another reason to choose when buying a heavy duty tandem dump truck back to Fortuna. Heavy-duty dump trucks from Fortuna convince by special features, such as the wide trough-shaped with flat load floor and wide, straight

Tilting edge and variable loading heights predictable and heads for the trough walls to increase the load volume individually.

When asked when he will order the next vehicle in Fortuna, Mr. Mennigmann responds, laughing:

"This has yet to take a bit, because until now none is still broke." Mr. Mennigmann confidence in the quality of Fortuna and is therefore done well for over 25 years.


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