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Confidence in quality.

Made in Germany - for over 70 years


  • 1958
  • 1981
  • 1993
  • 2003
  • 2013

Trust in Quality

Fortuna is a family-run company from the region "Münsterland", which has been family owned since its foundation in the year 1946th. Fortuna has been known for decades for its innovative, high-quality products, as well as for its proximity to customers in the automotive industry. This commitment, it supports its customers a high quality product "Made in Germany" to provide, it is Fortuna for more than 60 years.

Top Quality arises when many years of experience coupled with high detail consciousness. Through the individual requirements of our customers, we always reach a common goal. The customer tells us his individual needs and we go there on him. Thereby our customer increases its effectiveness and at the same time his satisfaction - because it is his individual product.

Customers from various sectors such as agriculture, landscaping and subconrtactor give us their trust for decades. The reason for this is simple: Due to our many years of activity we not only know the possibilities and limitations of the design and manufacture of various trailers, we also know the daily work of our customers.

As a family Fortuna is aware of its responsibility, constantly - continue to improve in order represents its clients's a reliable partner for transport solutions to be - step by step.
Reliable - even after decades.

Performance over the usual standards to deliver the highest quality, is the philosophy of Fortuna. So it is no wonder that our products work reliably despite hard daily use for decades. Longest serving is a pendant made in 1955 with 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight: The vehicle with chassis number 1004 is still at a Ochtruper farmer in use.

Made in Germany - this is the future way.

More than 550 vehicles will be delivered every year and produced in Münsterland. The product range includes single and multiple axis among others Dreiseitenkipper, single and multiple axis swale and heavy-duty dump trucks, Pusher, cattle truck, hook lift trailer, truck - loaders, and trucks - Dreiseitenkipper.

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