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v.l.n.r. Markus Knaak, Georg Hofmann, Bernd Schwartbeck, Bernhard Schwartbeck, Marc Güttner


Hardox labeled, then it is Hardox!

The Fortuna Fahrzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG is now an official partner in the "Hardox in my Body" program of the company SSAB in Sweden. The firm SSAB is a leading global manufacturer of high-strength steels and delivers them for further processing to the Fortuna Fahrzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG Ochtrup. These steels will be incorporated for example in the heavy duty dump trucks and truck bodies of Fortuna.

The award of Fortuna by the supplier SSAB shows the customer that he buys a vehicle with high quality components. The leading manufacturer of truck bodies, trucks and containers therefore an official "Hardox in my body" license so that they may use the "Hardox in my Body" marks on thier products. The sign is the customers guarantee that Fortuna build up their design with Hardox.

The certificate presented by the Area Sales Manager Marc Güttner and region sales manager Mark Hofmann and Georg Knaak from the company SSAB to the manager Bernd and Bernhard Schwartbeck personally.


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